Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Bengali New Year Celebration in St. Louis

The Bangladesh Association of Greater St. Louis would like to invite All St. Louis food lovers and those interested in learning and exploring our culture - this is the event you want to attend. Attendance is FREE, shows are FREE. Come and meet the wonderful, hospitable, friendly and charming people from Bangladesh and learn a bit about their culture.

Come and explore BANGLADESH and it's rich culture, right here in ST. LOUIS. 

Date: Saturday, April 28th, 2012 from 11:00 AM - 9:00 PM   (come and go at your convenience)

Program Timeline:
11 AM - Door Opens
11:00 AM - 2:00 PM - Social Gathering, food and stall open for service
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM  - Cultural Show/songs
3:00 PM -  Kids Program
3:45 PM -  Dance show
4:00 PM   Adult Program
4:30 PM   Fashion Show
5:30 PM   Bichitra Onushthan
6:15 PM   Break for prayer
6:30 PM   Dinner & Social Hours

Let us know if you are attending and # of people so that we can get a head count and let our stall owners know how much to cook. Feel free to pass this invite to others. post below or email us

What is Bengali New Year?
Shubho Nobo Barsha! 
“The occasion for a renewal of Bengalis spirit” 

Bengali New Year or Pohela Boishakh  is  the  first day of the Boisakh month and Bengali calendar. The Nobo Barsha festival  was  introduced  during  the  rule  of  great  Mughal Emperor  Akbar  from  1556-1605AD.  Pohela  Boishakh connects  all  ethnic  Bengalis  irrespective  of  religious  and regional  differences  and  observed  as  a  symbol  of Bengali culture.  It  is  celebrated  with  immense  excitement  and 
enthusiasm.  For  us  it  is  also  the  time  to  bud  adieu  to  the past year and welcome  the New Year with spreading  love, happiness,  and  praying  for  each  other’s  well  being  and prosperity.  

The significance of the Bengali New Year is prominent .  It is a reminder of the heritage that Bengalis are as a people heir to  in  the special part of  the world.  It  is  reassuring  to know that Boaishakh comes at a time when other people in South Asia as well as  in  the  region  just outside  it also happen  to be welcoming their own new year. 

The  day  is  a  cultural,  social  and  literary  feast  for  the Bengalis. In fact the whole month of Boishakh is considered very auspicious  for events  like marriages. This day  is also considered  blessing  for  starting  new  ventures  and businesses.  All business activities commence on the day of Pohela  Boishakh.    New  account  books  are  purchased  by the  Bengali  business  men  and  traders.  It  is  that  season when  new  crops  determine  the  course  of  new  times. That sounds  simple  enough.  And  yet  within  that  simple  format that shapes a new year comes a host of  factors primordial and pre-eminent in the shaping of the social life and history as a people.  

Let  Pohela  Baishakh  this  year  be  one  great  step  in  our journey  towards  individual  progress  and  collective accomplishment.  Let it be a renewal of the community soul through  imbuing  in us  thoughts of  the well-being of all our fellow members. 

2011 Celebration pictures:

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